The Friday Five

What a week! We started off by announcing our impending arrival, and we’re finishing up with the inauguration of a sentient cheeto. Highs and lows, that’s for sure. I’m not sure I can say anything here about today’s events that hasn’t already said before, but suffice to say that I had a little cry before I got out of bed this morning when I say a ‘goodbye’ Facebook post from Obama, and I don’t think that will be the only time I shed tears today. I’m hoping the second time might be a little happier, because I know I’m going to bawl my eyes out when I meet a friend’s brand new baby tonight. There is a lot of pain and evil in the world, but there is also so much good and so much hope. We have to believe in the latter to make it through. 

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  • I always look forward to these posts, as I always discover new and interesting links to read!

    I feel quite sick too, no tears shed yet but I feel this subtle wave of horror of who is about to be sworn in as POTUS xx

    • Thank you 🙂 It doesn’t feel quite real, does it? The Women’s March yesterday made me feel much better about the whole thing – it’s going to be a long four years but hopefully not as devastating as first thought.

  • Thanks for the love!

    Also, can pregnant people eat kimchee with that fermentation etc.? If not, do you want me to mess around with some of the ‘instant’ kimchee recipes I’ve got bookmarked?

    • I didn’t think of that, actually! I bought some on Friday and had it for dinner yesterday, so I hope so… The NHS doesn’t say otherwise, so I’m going to assume it’s fine – but thank you, that’s so sweet of you to think of!