The Friday Five

I always forget how tough January is. I go into it thinking I will try to enjoy rather than endure this month (especially since my birthday falls at the end of it!) but the constant cold weather, the dark days and the lack of Christmas sparkle have already started to get to me. What’s the answer? A better winter coat so that I don’t dread going outside so much? One of those light-up alarm clocks? Mulled wine?! If you’ve got ideas, then let me know. That said, this week I’ve finally been feeling better after weeks of colds and sickness, and I have some fun plans for the weekend – hen dos, friends staying and brunches are all on the cards. It’s not all doom and gloom (is it ever?) despite what the weather and the news cycle might insist. So here’s a bonus list of five things that have been saving my life this week: 

  1. My new water bottle infuser thing. Feeling virtuous about drinking more H2O now it’s on my desk. 
  2. Fresh orange slices. Like delicious, delicious sunshine. 
  3. My favourite sausage and bean casserole. Cannot get enough. 
  4. Giant blanket scarves. Stylish and good for huddling under in our freezing office. 
  5. Nest. Being able to turn the heating on/off from bed/the office/the car is a dream. 

And now on to the Friday Five… 

  • Two lovely Vogue interviews that I enjoyed this week: Victoria Beckham and Roxane Gay
  • Pretty sure that this chicken wonton soup could cure anything that ails you. 
  • Newly obsessed with the Buffering podcast – a new-ish podcast on Buffy the Vampire Slayer that you’re going to want to get involved with. There’s a lot of love for Cordelia, regular mentions of the patriarchy and an original song in each episode. It’s pure gold. 
  • I need this recipe for happiness right now (also, if you’re not following Sophie’s blog, you’re not doing it right). 
  • Interested in where blogging might lead in 2017? I think Hayley’s predictions will be spot on. 



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  • Thank you so much for including my post you lovely thing 🙂 x

    Sophie Cliff

  • I am very, very excited by Deb’s chicken wonton soup, too!

  • bee.

    I LIVE for blanket scarves. They’re godly.

    • They are truly a blessing. I’m grateful for mine every day at the moment!