When 2 Become 3…

So, the secret is finally out! Not that we’ve been able to keep it much of a secret at all… not drinking over Christmas and New Year definitely tips people off, and I’m a terrible liar at the best of times. We’re very excited (and also a little bit terrified) to announce that our first baby is due in July 2017. 

I should probably have titled this post when 3 become 4, because technically we already have an extra member of our family in Tuna but I don’t think she’ll mind on this occasion. In fact, she’s been indifferent to the whole thing (like she is about most things, really…). 

I found out pretty early on, so despite only being 14 weeks along I really feel like I’ve already been pregnant for years but we’re only just getting to the good bit. That is, the bit where we can actually buy stuff for a nursery and think about names. I’ve got some thoughts to share about being pregnant more generally next week, but suffice to say it’s not been my favourite experience so far. The nausea! The exhaustion! The blood tests! The constant worry! In fact, you might even have guessed that something was up by my inability to blog for about three months straight. I’m hoping I’m out of the woods with some of that stuff now, although I’m just about to tackle the fun of maternity dressing now that I actually have a tiny bump (!). It’s all very surreal, let me tell you. 

So, if everything goes to plan, a tiny Paul or Amy (or, more likely, some mix of the two) is on their way this summer. It’s all about to get a little crazy around here… 

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  • Congratulations!!!! xxx

  • Congratulations!! What brilliant news 😀 I can’t wait to read more about your journey into pregnancy and onwards 🙂

  • Sue Howard

    I am so excited about this news and have shared it with Mary so you can expect 2 mad godmothers demanding cuddles as soon as baby Amy/Paul arrives! Take care. xxxx

  • Congratulations!!! It is genuinely the best time ever once you get past that first trimester honest 🙂 L x

    • Thank you! I’m hoping so, it definitely feels a little better already! x

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  • Jo

    Aah, I am so behind! I knew you were pregnant from things you’ve been saying on Twitter, but I missed the announcement. Congratulations! It’s such wonderful news! My best friend’s girlfriend is pregnant, too, and they’re also expecting their second baby in July! It’s all so exciting! 🙂 I hope you have a happy and healthy pregancy! 🙂