Weekend Link Love


[Photo by Jason Briscoe

Today, I am horribly hungover, but my heart is so very full. We had our work’s big summer party yesterday, which meant rooftop cocktails, steak & chips, some rather ridiculous dancing, funny photo booth moments and staying up way past my bedtime. I am very lucky to work with a whole bunch of people I actually like (which seems to be a surprisingly rare occurrence in the world) so it was a whole lot of fun. We also had some of my best pals – Amy and Alex – staying this weekend, and it always makes me happy to flex my hosting muscles. Sometimes I think my dream might be to run a B&B so I can constantly be setting out bedrooms with fresh flowers & clean sheets, before cooking up giant breakfasts for everyone. Then I remember that I hate to work weekends. The rest of my plans for the day involve the Gilmore Girls, a curry (home-made for the first time in weeks), and maybe some more naps. Life is good. I hope it is for you, too. 


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