Things I Have Learned About House Renovation

house renovation

Planning is much more fun than doing.

Everything takes twice as long and costs twice as much as you expect. You will not be the exception to this rule. 

Do the floor last. Then it doesn’t matter if you splash paint around when you’re doing the walls.

Whoever owned your house before was a corner-cutting nightmare. Plastering around the light fitting? Really?! 

Sanding skirting boards is fun the first time. Not so much the fifth time. 

A good partner is essential. I’m very glad I married Paul. He knows how to fix a lot of stuff.

A nervous cat will add to your stress levels.

There really will be dust everywhere. Forever, maybe.

Having guests come to stay will make you get stuff done. All night, if you have to. 

Takeaway takes its toll. 

You can’t renovate a house from scratch and maintain two blogs and a social life. You just can’t. 

*That* episode of OITNB seems so much worse after an exhausting day of stripping wallpaper. 

You will miss your books. They really do make a home. 

Just paint everything white and worry about it later. 

When people turn up to help, your heart will be filled with love and gratitude. Now’s the time to call in favours. 

It will be worth it, like they say. But I’m not doing it again.

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  • Lil

    All of this. So right.