Living my Best Life in London

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child  I have a love-hate relationship with London. For so many years, London was an inevitability. All of my friends from home and Uni moved there (or at least work there whilst living in the commuter belt). I expected to do the same, until a cocktail of chances lead me to starting a life in Leeds – a city which I love with all of my heart. Since I fell for Leeds, I’ve found London to be a bit too much. Too busy. Too stressful. Too expensive. You can walk from one side of Leeds to the other in the time it takes to walk from the entrance to the underground to the train doors (Kings Cross, I’m looking at you mate). So, sometimes, when I’ve visited London I can’t wait to get back on the train to Leeds and find a little space. Other times? I don’t want to leave. 

Burger and Lobster Soho

This last trip was one of those times. The times when I remember why London is so wonderful. I have my gorgeous friend Amy to thank (I think almost half of my friends born in 1989/90 are also called Amy…) as she was a wonderful tour guide. Basically, I just lived my best life. There was day drinking. There were doughnuts. There was a lot of food, really. Lobster. Bibimbap (which was new to me and is basically my new obsession – Leeds, please indulge me). There was Dishoom (the egg naan roll did not disappoint and I *will* be back). 

crosstown doughnuts

Book Club Shoreditch Brunch

And best of all? There was Harry Potter and The Cursed Child. I am an unashamed Harry Potter fangirl, so I nabbed us some tickets as soon as I could get my hands on some. You won’t find any spoilers here, don’t worry – but please do go and see it if you’re a fellow fan. It was basically like the best fan fiction going. Totally magical. The effects were insane. And grown-up Harry is very easy on the eye. I laughed (a lot). I cried (a lot). And I want to go again already. 

amy and amy

So, London. Maybe you’re not so bad after all. See you again soon? Maybe. 

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  • This looks like such a perfect weekend with your friend! I love Dishoom SO much – I always try and squeeze one in at Kings Cross before jumping on the train home x

    Sophie Cliff

  • Ha! I did it the other way around last weekend – I live in London but nipped up to Leeds….you’ve definitely made the right choice!