Eggs in Purgatory

Eggs in Purgatory // Amy Elizabeth

It’s a cliché to love brunch, isn’t it? Everyone loves brunch. There’s a reason for that, of course. Brunch is absolutely brilliant. Brunch is for days off and weekends, when there’s nothing else to do but to indulge in piles of pancakes and gloriously dippy eggs. Plus, you can drink at brunch, and what’s not to love about that?

This is one of my favourite recipes to whip up for guests on mornings after nights before – it’s slightly fiery and the wonderful combination of runny yolk with melted cheese and rich tomato sauce is very restorative. It’s incredibly simple, and therefore perfect if you’re feeling a little fragile, so when Inghams Italy asked me to contribute an Italian recipe to their blogger cookbook, this was the first thing on my mind. 

I first made this dish after watching Nigella’s Italian-inspired show ‘Nigellissima’, cobbling together the ingredients the very next day and trying to remember the method. It’s pretty close to the original, so I obviously have a better memory than I thought, although she poaches her eggs in the sauce rather than baking them in the oven. If you want to save on washing up, you can do the same, although I find it’s easier to get a perfect yolk in the oven – especially if you’re feeding a crowd. This particular recipe is just enough for one person but, as is often the case, you can double and triple to get the required amount for your brunch party. Serve with ciabatta, obviously, although any crusty bread will do in a pinch. 

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Eggs in Purgatory // Amy Elizabeth

Eggs in Purgatory
Serves 1
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  1. Olive oil
  2. 1 clove of garlic, crushed or finely grated
  3. 200g chopped tomatoes
  4. 1 squeeze tomato paste
  5. Salt & pepper, to taste
  6. 1/4 tsp. chilli flakes
  7. 1 egg
  8. Parmesan, grated
  9. Ciabatta, to serve
  1. Preheat the oven to 180C
  2. In a small saucepan, heat the oil over a medium heat and add the garlic. Fry gently for a minute or two, but don't allow the garlic to brown.
  3. Add the chopped tomatoes and tomato paste. Stir together.
  4. Season with the salt, pepper and chilli flakes.
  5. Simmer for 3-5 minutes until the sauce has thickened slightly.
  6. Pour into an oven-proof dish and crack the egg onto the top. Grate some parmesan over the top until there's a light covering over the whole dish.
  7. Bake for 8-12 minutes (depending on how runny you like your eggs!).
  8. Grate over some more parmesan and serve with slices of ciabatta.
Adapted from Nigella Lawson
Adapted from Nigella Lawson
Amy Elizabeth
 Disclaimer: This post is in association with Inghams Italy, but it’s still delicious. 

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