Weekend Link Love

golden field

 [Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel]

A Sunday well spent brings a week of content. That’s what they say, don’t they? My Sunday is mostly going to be spent baking, blogging, prepping lunches for the rest of the week and chain-watching Ugly Betty, which I’ve just realised is on Netflix. I think that counts as well spent. This week has been a little crazy, in a good way. I’m gearing up for a week off at the end of August which makes things super busy – but I’m excited to spend some time doing *nothing*. Well, almost nothing. I’m no good at actually doing nothing. How are you spending your Sunday?

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  • http://peaches-and-greens.com/ Peaches and Greens

    Awesome set of links! Love the bad feminist one, will probably be stealing that! Was also really interested in the body image one too; doing a body positive book in my blog’s book club this month and trying to read up as much as possible about the topic in general! Thanks for sharing xx

    • http://amyliz.co.uk/ Amy Elizabeth

      Thanks :) There’s so much out there about body positivity – if you’re looking for more reading on the topic I really like the blog Eat the Damn Cake. She doesn’t write anything new on it, but there are some great archives that really made me rethink the way I thought about the subject. xx

      • http://peaches-and-greens.com/ Peaches and Greens

        Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll def check it out! xx

  • http://www.smaggle.com Smaggle

    Ta for the link love!