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Hey everyone! Today I’m borrowing a blog post idea from Allie Lehman (you should totally check her out!) because I want to know a bit about you! I am so thankful that you read this blog – I’m pretty proud of it, if you don’t mind me saying and it makes me happy that you might find something helpful, delicious or interesting in these pages. I would love us to be friends – so let’s chat!

1. Are you a dog or a cat person? 

2. What’s your signature drink?

3. You have an evening all to yourself – what do you do? 

4. If you could only eat one nationality of food for the rest of your life, what would it be? 

5. What are you reading right now? Would you recommend it? 

My answers: 

1. A bit of both. I know you’re supposed to be one or the other, but I can totally see the appeal of both cats and dogs. Even though she hates me, I love Tuna Fey so much and having her around has definitely made our house a home. But if I had to choose? I would have a dog. They’re just so much a part of the team and they give back the love you show them in spades. It’s not a reality for us right now, but I would love us one day to have a little beagle puppy.

2. This is a bit of a Cosmo-ish question, I apologise. I don’t think that your ‘signature’ drink says much about you other than your tastebuds really, if that helps. If you’re going to the bar and I don’t fancy anything in particular, my default is a glass of Pinot Grigio or a Hendricks & Tonic (although I’ll take a different gin, in a pinch).

3. If we had a bath, I would take a bath. Instead I am stuck with just a shower and that is certainly no fun. If I’m home alone, I usually make myself a big bowl of pasta and catch up on all the TV that Paul hates. Sometimes I knit or blog. I usually go to bed early. It doesn’t get much more exciting than that.

4. It’s a toss up between Mexican and Italian. I think I’d have to go with Mexican, although I’m glad it’s not a real life question because I couldn’t live without pasta.

5. Right now I am reading Lolita by Vladimir Nobakov. I have read the first half so many times but never got to the end for some reason, so I am persevering. The prose is beautiful despite the haunting subject matter, but it is slow going because it’s quite dense. I would recommend it if you’re the kind of person who, like me, cares as much (if not more) about the language and the way the story is told than about the storyline. It’s not a light beach read, but it is glorious.

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  • Lil

    Loving this! Stealing, will credit 🙂 Totally agree with you on the first one – how can people choose?

  • Lil

    My answers:

    1. Both – Matt and I have two cats and I’ve had cats all my life, but we’ve recently started talking about a puppy, and I am beyond excited.
    2. I’m inclined to order an Aperol Spritz wherever possible, and make them at home. Other than that, I’m pretty inconsistent.
    3. Ideally, I would probably go to the cinema, to see a really cringe-inducing, middle class film about the meaning of life, like Garden State or Elizabethtown. And then sit at the bar in a tapas restaurant and graze while I read a book. I wish I was brave enough to do that sort of thing more often – I have to be in a confident mood.
    4. French.
    5. I’m half way into How to Build a Girl by Caitlin Moran, but I’m one of those awful people who usually has several on the go at once. I’m also reading Hey Nostradamus by Douglas Coupland. I would recommend both – Caitlin because she’s awesome, even though that kind of fiction isn’t usually for me – she writes in a very relatable, silly tone that really resonates with me. Coupland, because he is probably my favourite author. It’s my second time reading this book and I think I’ve read everything else by him too.

    • Yay for puppies! I would so love one, but working full time + puppy care do not go together. Don’t tell Paul but my plan is to combine puppies + babies os we can take those adorable photos you see on Buzzfeed of them napping together!

      I need to get my hands on How to Build a Girl – I should have picked it up at her talk last week. My reading list is so long, but I might have that one jump the queue!

  • Ooooh this is so fun! I had to think about this a bit but here goes:
    1. I have a cat and and had always considered myself a cat person until my parents got dogs and now I would give my first born for a Shiba Inu pup.
    2. I love a Tom Collins made with Hendricks (and some raspberries/rose water for a next-level version) or a good peaty single malt.
    3. Nights alone are predictably spent blogging or researching for the blog or some other grand idea I have that may or may not ever come to fruition!
    4. This is SO HARD. But I’ve narrowed it down to two US regions which I know is weird but hear me out. I really love Southern US food: black-eyed peas, collard greens, grits, peach pie etc… but also love Mexican inspired Southwest cooking: black beans, guac, chipotle or hatch chile. YUM!
    5. Currently reading The Only Problem in a collection of books by Muriel Spark. The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie is my favourite of the all but Spark is one of my all-time fave authors.

    • I’m a fan of a Tom Collins as well – although I’m going to have to try your raspberries/rosewater suggestion as that’s a new one on me!

      Literally cannot get enough of chipotle – I want to smear chipotle paste on everything! I am very grateful that I don’t have to live on one cuisine alone – I cannot imagine what it must have been like for my grandparents/parents with only British food to contend with! No pizza? That’s no way to live.

      I’ve got The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie on my to-read list. I shall have to bump it up! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂

  • Jess

    Oh this is such a lovely idea! It’s so interesting and fun and personal! So, here are my answers…

    1. Catcatcatcatcat! I’ve only ever had cats so I think that helps, but they’re so cute and fluffy and fun! I also disgree when everyone says that cats don’t care as much about you as a dog would. My cats aways come to see me when I get home and I think you get as much love back as you put in – like most relationships I guess!

    2. I don’t really drink so you’ll usually find me with a coke or a J2O, totally thrilling I know!

    3. I’d definitely queue some awesome tunes and dance around the house like a loon. And then chill watching a film when I run out of energy!

    4. This one is hard! If I really really HAD to choose I would probably say Italian, well because pasta! And pizza! But I’d definitely rather not choose at all! I don’t like this question!

    5. I’m currently reading Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre. I’ve only just started so can’t really say whether or not I would recommend it yet though!

    This was fun! I’ll definitely be passing along the baton on my own blog! Thanks!

    • You have obviously got lucky with your cats, Tuna definitely doesn’t give me as much love as a dog would! But I like her sassy attitude, and the occasional scraps of affection she gives me are enough 😉

      Vernon God Little is one of my favourite books – I absolutely love the prose style, it’s so unusual and evocative. It’s really thought-provoking as well – I really hope that you enjoy it!

  • Heather


    1. Cat person, but grew up with and love dogs too. Right now we have two cats – a very elderly, dainty black cat who is quite reserved, and a bouncy young rescue tabby who is blind in one eye and the most affectionate cat we’ve ever had. The vets who rescued her think she was the runt of the litter and the mother might have rejected and attacked her, damaging her eye before abandoning her. Now she has a cozy home, security, food, toys and two humans who love her to bits.

    2. A nice glass of white wine – anything light and crisp, usually Pinot Grigio, but whatever white the bartender suggests. Or a gin and tonic. I like the idea of beer better than actually drinking it – in the winter I’ll order a Guinness, in the summer I tend to stick to really light stuff like Corona for that cold-beer-on-a-hot-day feeling. My tolerance is laughably low, so I avoid most traditional cocktails.

    3. Netflix marathon and ordering in. Falling asleep on the sofa with both cats on my lap/legs during Netflix marathon and then waking up and trying to figure out how much I’ve missed.

    4. Tough one, but I’d probably end up choosing Italian – so much variety and you can make it as healthy or indulgent as you like.

    5. Right now I’m reading Bill Bryson’s memoir, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid. Honestly, I would have never thought I cared about the 1950’s in flyover
    country USA, or of a young boy’s life there, but I am riveted!
    In my eyes, Bill Bryson can do no wrong. I always say that I can read about almost anything, as long as the writing is excellent. It’s because of him that I know this.

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